Who am I?

Hi! I'm Amy :)

I just turned 30. I'm finally starting to feel like an adult.
 I love books, food, music, travel, writing...but most of all I love Jesus, my husband David and our two beautiful pups, Molly and Cheesy.
{MakeMineCozy} started as a place to document my adventures in decorating but will be, from here on out, more of a personal journal. It will be my own corner of the world wide interwebs. My little place to share how we are building our marriage (almost 8 years!) and our faith, truly living in our home and counting our blessings and doing our best to bless others. I might cover some deep topics, I might just share a funny photo...who knows.
I want to live a full life. One worthy of the breath in my lungs and the heartbeat in my chest.

I want the Lord to greet me with a "well done, my good and faithful servant."

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