Tuesday, April 8, 2014

{50 things. challenge accepted.}

One of my absolute FAVORITE sites/magazines posted this today...and I think it's a lovely little list of reminders. So, I am going to challenge myself to each and every item. Feel free to comment if you accept the challenge!

To spark your own love affair with life again, here are 50 simple ways to welcome joy back in:
1. Have monthly picnics in your favorite park.
2. Bake with the intention of sharing.
3. Swing on a swing set.
4. Write anonymous love letters to those in need with The World Needs More Love Letters.
5. Volunteer reading books to children at your local library.
6. Try a new DIY project like beautiful shebori dying.
7. Send postcards to those you love.
8. Take a Sunday drive with the intention of getting lost.
9. Join a community garden.
10. Trade cookbooks with friends to discover new cuisines.
11. End the day by naming 10 things you’re grateful for.
12. Compliment strangers for the sole reason of making someone else’s day.
13. Say ‘I love you’ and mean it.
14. Devote Saturdays to doing only what you really want.
15. Wear your favorite lipstick and heels to run errands.
16. Get a pedicure.
17. Subscribe to a new magazine.
18. Shop at your farmer’s market as a way to get to know your community.
19. Ride your bike to run errands.
20. Light candles at the breakfast table.
21. Give yourself permission to stay in bed longer than normal.
22. Take a social media fast for two days or more.
23. Sun-brew tea in a windowsill or on a porch.
24. Declutter your space.
25. Wear glitter and sequins often.
26. Search out the perfect lake and rope swing.
27. Make a pot of midday tea.
28. Hang your laundry to dry in the sun.
29. Decide your “someday” is today.
30. Make a running list of fun things to do for each season.
31. Give yourself reasons why you can and will.
32. Snuggle more.
33. Leave inexpensive flowers on someone’s doorstep.
34. Choose faith over fear.
35. Give $5 worth of gold coins to a child.
36. Unabashedly ask for what you want.
37. Each day, use a new word like some from this list.
38. Host a wine party.
39. Have a glass jar full of positive affirmations.
40. Learn how to preserve food.
41. Have s’mores inside around your fireplace.
42. Create a signature perfume for yourself.
43. Make a fort out of sheets just like you did as a child.
44. Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect.
45. Take more baths.
46. Discover new music.
47. Return a favor.
48. Eat healthy foods that make your body scream YES.
49. Invest in yourself.
50. Love genuinely and love often.

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