Sunday, July 14, 2013

{a new mantra & some gratitude}

counting my blessings: week 1

  • watching my big brother be so gentle while handling & feeding his 2 month old son. 
  • coworkers that make me feel safe & protected when there are foul-mouthed-and-crazy people around.
  • having a job where it is not only okay to laugh and have a good time- it's actually encouraged.
  • unexpected "i love you" message written on the fridge before the husband went out-of-town.
  • waking up to the husband home way earlier than expected from being out-of-town.
  • waking up on a Sunday morning to some very much needed summer rain...and hearing it's supposed to continue all week!
  • using the Starbucks gift card that was randomly given by a stranger.
  • a bounty of homegrown veggies from a friend's garden. were you blessed this week?

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