Wednesday, December 4, 2013

{gratitude in december}

1. for unexpected gifts. everyone needs a pair of footie pajamas.
2. for nifty phone apps that save us money.
3. for the home depot and all it's treasures.
4. for's cheesy and odd sometimes, but I love it.
5. for getting home safely when an ice storm hits.
6. for both of us being able to stay home (safe and warm) during Icemageddon 2013.
7. for a "how i met your mother" netflix marathon.
8. for cabin fever that turns me into a crazy-cleaning-lady. the house thanks you ;)
9. for getting safely too and from work.
10. for sunshine after 5 days of gloom.
11. for an abundance of pillows and blankets.
12. for good deals on goodies.
13. for Fridays.
14. for getting almost all the Christmas shopping done at 1 store. and for saving more $$ than was spent!
15. for ballet. and starbucks. and traditions.
16. for finding my missing keys.
17. for delicious new dishes. never knew brussels sprouts could be so damn good.
18. for laughter on the rough days.
19. for chinese take-away...makes dinner so easy.
20. for Christmas sweaters. Tacky or classy.
21. for my parents. and the love that time has brought to our relationship.
22. for small town diners. and treating my parents to brunch.
23. for romantic evenings by a crackling fire.
24. for family. and the birth of Jesus.
25. for beautiful, meaningful gifts.
26. for today. that is all.
27. for friday nights.
28. for HomeGoods. and Williams-Sonoma.
29. for peaceful morning filled with good music and the smells of breakfast.
30. for the excitement of a New Year.
31. for a quiet New Years Eve at home. just the 2 of us.

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