Thursday, March 6, 2014

{for Lent}

I am not Catholic, but I do like to participate in the "giving something up during Lent" tradition.
 This year's goal: to give up bad-for-me foods and to choose productivity and growing over being lazy and stagnant.

Day 1 (yesterday): had bad salmon for lunch and ended up leaving work a couple hours early and staying home today, miserable with food poisoning. C'est la vie.
Once I managed to keep some plain jane, oven baked fries down, I started a pot of (fresh, from scratch) beef stew and got part of the pantry cleaned up...that's about as productive as I'm gonna be today, and I'm okay with that.

Last year's goal wasn't to give something up though, instead it was to spend those 40 days reading through the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I succeeded and then went on to read through the rest of the New Testament.
I recently started reading through the Old Testament, picking up where I had left off a few years before, with the Book of  Ezra. I am now on the last chapter of  Nehemiah.
I sat down this afternoon with my planner and mapped out how long it will take me to read through the rest of the Old Testament, averaging about 10 chapters a day. I should finish on Easter Sunday! I think that's a pretty cool coincidence.

Here's to goals that grow us and teach us and make us better than we were yesterday.

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