Saturday, March 29, 2014

{my happy}

when is my soul truly happy?

when i am home with my husband.
when i am lost in a great story, be it book or movie, or even a song.
when i get compliments on something i've made.
when i am with my family.
when i am in the word, and it speaks right to my heart.
when i complete a new challenge, no matter how big or small.
when i am dressed like a lady, and treated as such.
when my home is clean and full of delicious smells.
when a guest feels comfortable, safe and loved in my home.
when my hands have prepared a meal for us.
when i see a beautiful bird or a lovely flower and can stop to appreciate them.
when i am able to bless a loved one...or even a total stranger.

on these things i will focus.
i will stop trying to FIND my happy, or even CHANGE it.
it's already in me. it is enough. i am enough.

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