Wednesday, September 25, 2013

hanging laundry.

I came across this pin the other day, and thought to myself: Genius.
We just happened to have that same track holding up boards (to make a shelf...duh) in our laundry room!
The shelf was cluttered with half used bottles of cleaning stuff and dusting stuff and...well, actual I thought "what a perfect use of that space! and bonus- half the work is already done!" So I made a trip to BigLots for some baskets, came home and voila!
I had to move the tracks out just a tad to hold the baskets right, but that only took about 5 minutes.
My sister asked what the weight limit for the baskets is and my answer: I have no idea. Instead of just having 2 (one for me, one for hubby) I got 4: one for towels- which is the bottom one since towels get a little heavy, one for hubby's uniforms, one for his regular clothes and one for my clothes. I figure each basket should hold a load of laundry, so once one is full, it goes into the washer & dryer. That same basket is then used to carry the clean laundry to where it belongs! *fingers crossed, we have found a system that works for us!*

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