Friday, October 18, 2013

{It's Official!}

The MCSC (Martha's Cooking School Challenge) has begun!

I left work early today with an extremely upset tummy and crawled into bed for about 6 hours.
I then woke up because that same tummy was growling from emptiness.
In the book, it has stocks as the first chapter but I had already decided to save those for the weekend when I'll have more time to knock them all out. So on to chapter 2: Eggs. We love eggs in this house. Boiled, scrambled, fried, doesn't matter. I've been making them my whole life...and according to Miss M, I've been making them wrong. So, here goes lesson 1: how to hard-cook (never "boil") an egg.

{place eggs in pan and cover with cold water an extra inch of water}
{bring water to rolling boil ~high heat}
 {remove from heat, cover and let sit for 13 min.}
{move eggs from pan to icewater bath to stop cooking, this only takes a minute...unless you want them completely chilled}
{salted, peppered...perfect!}

...and now, scrambled:
{Miss M might not like me giving away all her instructions....but there's butter in these! and milk!}
{waiting for the ham to finish}
{breakfast/dinner is served.}

So far, so good. 
We'll return with poached, fried and omelets. 
now, go create something!

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