Monday, October 21, 2013


I was reading an article today at Apartment Therapy about using the 5 senses to decorate your home... since I'm taking the night off from cooking (dinner on this chilly autumn evening was soups & sandwiches from Panera Bread) I've got an evening free to do laundry daydream. Okay so I'll be doing some laundry too...
The sense of smell: I've already got this going. Vanilla. Home to me smells like vanilla. I have 2 scentsy burners and a few plugins making that happen. Our little home also smells like whatever is cooking. Sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes...not so much.

The sense of sight: This is a major "needs improvement" one... our home currently looks like chaos. Boxes everywhere full of random stuff. Either junk, goodwill donations, papers to be filed/shredded/burned when it's time to light the fireplace... I want it to look clean. Maybe even a little sparse. I want the walls adorned with long wood shelves and meaningful art. I also want to tone down some of the natural light just a smidge.

The sense of touch: This is already in progress... our furniture is pretty comfy. I want more cozy blankets and pillows though. And I want our bed to feel like Heaven. I want textures. Cotton, chenille, cable knit, fleece, wool...all the good ones. I also love burlap and canvas. We just need a doggy door so that one of our sweet girls (who shall remain nameless) will stop ruining the rugs. and the hardwood floors :/ Oh, and I want a comfy reading chair.

The sense of sound: I love it when the windows are open and I can hear the tinkling of my windchime, so definitely more of those.  And when the neighborhood birds are singing. I should give them some garden to play in. And I love it when it rains. We have vaulted ceilings and windows all a good thunderstorm always sounds amazing. Music...always music. I want to build a record collection. and dance while the vinyl spins.

The sense of taste: I'm proud to say this one is already a go, with the Martha cooking project and all. Our kitchen is quite small but after I get the right tools and hone my skills some more... this little house will be filled with wonderful tastes.

Okay...time to get started on that laundry.

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