Sunday, October 20, 2013

{...from my kitchen}

Let me begin by saying this~ we are not squash people. At least...not pureed squash. It wasn't terrible, and there are probably people that looove it...but we are okay with it being marked off the list now.
We are steak people though. In fact, we are lucky to eat steak usually once a week, sometimes twice. Martha's pan-seared strip steak was pretty perfect, and the mustard cream sauce was delish. We had some mixed green salad and used up some of the cucumber ranch from last night. Washed it all down with some ice-cold Lone Star Beer. If only our Dallas Stars hadn't got their ass kicked while we ate :(
I also made a pear galette for dessert and it was SO GOOD. Woulda been even better fresh outta the oven (it had cooled while we ate dinner) with a scoop of some vanilla ice cream. Mental note: don't forget the ice cream next time!, go create something!

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