Sunday, October 20, 2013

{...from my kitchen}

Okay so last night I had the pleasure of cooking for my big brother and his wife, who just happens to be my bestest best friend. That's right, I'm one of those super lucky girls who's BFF became her sister. I LOVE IT.
I loaded up about half of my kitchen (I've been in theirs enough to know what they do and don't have for food prep...) and away I went.
 The menu: Martha's "Perfect Roast Chicken", vegetable tian and a mixed green salad with a homemade (duh) cucumber ranch dressing.
 The movie: Julie & Julia. I thought it was appropriate even though it's not Martha...

I completely took over their kitchen and spread my ingredients over the entire counter. They have more counter space than me...and I'm a little jealous of it.
I started by making the mayonnaise that was required for the dressing. We were all a little surprised that they actually had a bottle of sunflower oil in the pantry. Good thing though, because I had forgotten to get some at the store :/ The mayo came out a little more runny than expected, but seemed to be just fine in the dressing. I guess the buttermilk and sour cream helped it out a bit, huh? Anyhoo...with the dressing chilling in the fridge, and the bird still warming to room temp, I moved on to slicing vegetables. I was supposed to get veggies roughly the same size in diameter...but Target isn't known for their extensive produce section. So I was stuck with various roundness. Oh well. I made it work. Oh, and for the record, I HATE ONIONS. They make my eyes burn like Hades and then turn into Niagra Falls. Just thought you should know.
 I constructed the tian and set it aside. The chicken was ready to be buttered and stuffed with yummy. So I obliged it. We were too busy being chatty/hilarious to take a ton of photos, but here's a few for you!
sweet Lucy...
I set my elbow right smack down on the pan handle...fresh outta the oven :/ 
I forgot to get a photo of the beautiful chicken before we carved it up...oops.

Up next: pan-seared skirt steak w/ winter squash puree and some more salad. and a pie., go create something!

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